Over 1.5 Goals

Time League Match Tip Score Bet
18:00 MOR FUS Rabat VS Moghreb Tetouan Over 1.5 :
20:30 EPL Liverpool VS Luton Over 1.5 :
21:00 UCL FC Porto VS Arsenal Over 1.5 :
21:00 UCL Napoli VS Barcelona Over 1.5 :
18:00 UEL Gent VS Maccabi Haifa Over 1.5 :
03:00 COS Alajuelense VS Zeledon Over 1.5 :
18:00 CYP Apollon VS AEL Limassol Over 1.5 :
14:00 GRE Niki Volos VS Apollon Pontou Over 1.5 :
Time League Match Tip Bet
18:45 UEL Freiburg VS Lens Over 1.5
12:30 IRA Malavan VS Esteghlal F.C. Over 1.5
13:30 ISR H. Migdal HaEmek VS H. Raanana Over 1.5
16:45 OMAN Al Seeb VS Ibri Over 1.5
14:30 UAE Al Hamriyah VS Al Arabi Over 1.5


       Unlockin success with Over 1.5 goals predictions

 Over 1.5 goals predictions is the surest football prediction option that guaranteed winning which the team you pick will score two goals before the end of the match.


In the fast-paced and dynamic world of sports betting, making accurate predictions is the key to success. Over 1.5 goals

predictions have emerged as a popular choice among bettors due to their relatively higher likelihood of occurring compared

to more ambitious scorelines. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of over 1.5 goals predictions, exploring

what they are, why they’re favored by both casual and professional bettors, and how to enhance your chances of making profitable predictions.

Understanding Over 1.5 Goals Predictions

When you place a bet on the “Over 1.5 goals” market, you’re essentially predicting that the total number of goals scored in a particular match will be two or more. This includes any combination of scores that adds up to two or more goals – for instance, a 1-1 draw, a 2-0 victory, or a 2-1 result.

Advantages of Over 1.5 Goals Predictions

  1. Higher Likelihood of Success: One of the primary reasons bettors prefer over 1.5 goals predictions is the higher probability of success. In contrast to more ambitious predictions like Over 2.5 or Over 3.5 goals, predicting two goals or more is statistically more attainable.
  2. Less Risky: While no betting prediction is entirely risk-free, over 1.5 goals predictions involve less risk compared to predicting a higher number of goals. This makes them attractive to both novice and experienced bettors looking for a more conservative approach.
  3. Variety of Betting Opportunities: Over 1.5 goals predictions can be applied to various betting markets, including match outcomes, halftime scores, and even in-play bets. This versatility provides bettors with a range of options to choose from.

Factors Influencing Over 1.5 Goals Predictions

  1. Team Form and Style: Analyzing the recent performance and playing style of the teams involved is crucial. Teams with a history of high-scoring matches are more likely to produce games with over 1.5 goals.
  2. Attack and Defense Dynamics: Studying the attacking and defensive capabilities of both teams helps in predicting whether a match is likely to feature multiple goals. Teams with potent attacking lines but shaky defenses often contribute to high-scoring games.
  3. Head-to-Head Records: Examining the historical head-to-head records between two teams can offer insights into their goal-scoring tendencies when they face each other.
  4. Injury and Suspension Updates: Team news, particularly regarding key players’ injuries or suspensions, can significantly impact a match’s goal-scoring potential.
  5. Home and Away Performance: Teams tend to have different performances when playing at home versus playing away. Home matches might see more attacking intent, leading to higher goal counts.

Enhancing Your Over 1.5 Goals Predictions

  1. Research is Key: Invest time in researching team statistics, recent form, player news, and any other relevant information that could influence a match’s outcome.
  2. Use Statistical Tools: Utilize statistical analysis tools and platforms that provide historical data, team comparisons, and trends to aid your predictions.
  3. Consider External Factors: Weather conditions, pitch quality, and even crowd influence can impact a match’s tempo and goal-scoring potential.
  4. Bankroll Management: Exercise proper bankroll management to ensure you don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.


Over 1.5 goals predictions offer a balanced approach to sports betting, allowing both beginners and experienced bettors to capitalize on statistically favorable outcomes. By understanding the nuances of team dynamics, form, and various influencing factors, you can increase your chances of making accurate predictions and achieving consistent success in the exciting world of sports betting. Remember, while there are no guarantees in sports betting, informed decisions can certainly tip the odds in your favor.